The services of Via Bérautó are not just available in Hungary, but also the company ready to let vehicles for customers in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Hungarian clients enjoy the services of Via Bérautó and Delta-Truck with a huge satisfaction since 1995. Vehicle rental is available for Slovakian customers since 2014, because the comapany has launched the foreign operation in 2013. Both the product portfolio and the related services are quite similar in the two countries. Vehicles are ready to rent from 1.5 t vans to 40 t tractors with many kind of semi-trailers. Considering the varied needs of customers and their comfortability, rental period can even be 1 day. This service can be patricularly advantageous for companies who have operations in both countries because they can be 100 % sure that they will experience the same service at the highest level.

The Slovakian customers can also enjoy the benefits of rental. During the rental period costs are plannable, the vehicle will be both esthetically and technically in excellent condition and the administration and insurance will be also provided by the daughter company ( Delta-Truck s.r.o.) of Delta-Truck Ltd. In case of long term rental period, there is a possibility for the appearance of customer’s company logo on the vehicle. In case of any problem Delta-Truck s.r.o ensures a 24h assistance service – even on Saturday and Sunday – for any kind of repairing and rescuing.

Currently there are 50 vehicles in our fleet in Slovakia but this number is continuously increasing. Delta-Truck s.r.o. orders the vehicles and semi-trailers based on the needs of the customers.


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