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Guide of Delta Group regarding cookies

Delta Group uses cookies to improve the user experience and to provide you with customized and, thus, more relevant content. Cookies used on the website do not collect information that allows identification of your person. In this guide, we try to explain as clearly as possible what cookies are used for, the purposes they are used for on Delta Group’s websites, and the options available to you to manage and, if required, delete the cookies. Cookies are required to use

What is a cookie?

Almost all websites use cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that stores your browser settings. Your Internet browser will download it when you visit a website for the first time. When you next visit the website using the same device, your browser can check whether the cookie for the website is available (that is, it includes the website’s name) and return the information that is stored in the cookie to the website. This will allow the website to recognize that you have already visited it using this browser, and it will change the content displayed in some cases.

Benefits of cookies

Some cookies are extremely useful because you can improve your user experience by re-visiting a website that you have visited several times. If you are using the same device and browser as on your previous visit, cookies will, for example, remember your preferences, tell us how you use our websites and shape the content displayed according to your personal interest and needs. Cookies used on the website do not collect information that allows identification of your person.

Handling and deleting cookies

If you want to change how your browser uses cookies, such as blocking or deleting cookies from the Delta Group webpages (or any other website of your choice), you can make these changes in the Internet settings.

When handling cookies, all browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies or accept only certain types of cookies. You can also set that you should be asked each time a website wants to store a cookie. It is also easy to delete cookies that have already been stored on your computer by your browser.

The way that cookies are handled and deleted may vary depending on the browser you are using. To find out how to perform these in a particular browser, use the built-in help feature or visit the website, which gives is a step-by-step explanation of how to manage and delete cookies in the most popular browsers.

Review of cookies

The table below includes the essential cookies used by the website. This shows where and for what purposes cookies are used.


Third-party cookies



Google Analytics

Cookies that are required for Google Analytics.
Detailed information


Analytics & targeting
Google Ads Cookies that are required for Google Ads campaigns.
Detailed information


Conversion search & re-targeting
Google Maps Cookies that are required for the Google Maps map service.


Map representation & navigation

Here you can view the current cookie settings and change them if necessary: Preferences