You would like to sell your vehicle but do not want to deal with the selling process? Then you are in the right place. Delta-Truck Ltd. will acquire your vehicles in cash. Surely, you have experienced that finding a buyer might not be as easy as it sounds firstly. Even months can pass away finding the prospect while the vehicle is mainly out of work. Haven’t mentioned the administration side of it what requires a lot of effort from the seller.

What do you have to do if you would like to sell your vehicles as soon as possible?
Contact us! Delta-Truck Ltd. acquires every types of commercial vehicles and trailers.

Our colleagues will give you an offer after the free diagnostics of the vehicle. After the agreement all the paperwork will be done by us and the price of the vehicle will be paid immediately. There is no simplier or faster solution to get cash for your vehicles.

Contact our colleagues from our Szigetszentmiklós or Budapest facility if you have any question regarding to second hand vehicle acquisition.

Szigetszentmiklós, Leshegy street 13.           Telephone : +36-1-505-3500

Budapest, Táblás street 36-38.                     Telephone : +36-1-505-3500

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