Via Bérautó offers semi-trailers for rent

Semi-trailer rental in Hungary and Slovakia

History of Via Bérautó has look back for many decades with main profile of commercial vehicle rental. Semi-trailers can be found in the rental portfolio as well. Offering also semi-trailers and tractors at the same time is a logical decision to make the operation even more easier for customers. There are mainly refrigerated semi-trailers and semi-trailers with tarpaulin in our fleet but there are many container and moving floor semi-trailers as well. We have more than 500 heavy commercial vehicles in our fleet what is considered to be the most significant in the domestic market.


Semi-trailer rental has the same benefits as commercial vehicle rental, so administration and comprehensive fleet management is provided by Via Bérautó. The brand new semi-trailers are ready to use, in case of technical problem or accident the service network and mechanic experts will help You immediately. The rental fees include the following :

  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Repairing and maintenance activities, included tires as well.

Personalized semi-trailer rental constructions

Semi-trailer rental construction can be fully tailored for the needs of the customers, we are flexible and willing to solve any request. Semi-trailer rental is even possible for 1 day, but the experiences show that customers rather want to plan for longer term, so 1-2 year long rental periods are the most common. During rental period, freight activity can change, so to maintain the competitiveness of customers, the trailers can be changed for the new freight activity. In case of long term rental, the trailers can be used as a marketing surface as well, they are free to decorate. Employees of Via Bérautó are available in Budapest, Szigetszentmiklós and Bratislava.

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