Novelties from Kögel at the 2016 IAA commercial vehicle exhibiton

The IAA commercial vehicle exhibiton is the most important international forum for truck factories to show their new products but for semi-trailer manufactures and background industries as well. Kögel has prepared with a lot of new things. The numbers speak for themselves : 2100 sq stand and 10 semi-trailers.

The german Kögel company has prepared a lot to show the novelties for the customers. What novelties are we talking about exaclty?

Kögel Light plus semi-trailer : Kögel is presenting a new generation of Kögel Light curtain-sider trucks, the Kögel Light plus. The brand new, specially developed Kögel Light plus comes with a payload-optimised and weight-optimised frame and body. With a low tare weight, starting at 4,775 kilograms with individual equipment, and 5,145 kilograms in its standard version, it is exceptionally cost-effective to drive. The technical total weight is 39,000 kilograms and the technical fifth-wheel load is 12,000 kilograms. Its excellent stability and durability, despite the sparing use of materials in its construction, is ensured through the use of high-quality fine grain steels.

KTA trailer axle: The Kögel axle is a maintenance-friendly, directionally stable and reliable axle assembly. The new and ingenious Kögel trailer axle KTA will be available for order and delivery starting from the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 exhibition. The unique “double suspension” and its exceptionally maintenance-friendly usage through its ingenious connection of the axle tube and trailing arm, tried and tested wheel end and brake ensures optimum driving characteristics. These characteristics protect the entire semi-trailer combination and meet the stringent requirements of fleets and freight forwarders in the total cost of ownership aspect.

Euro Trailer : This trailer offers loads more: The 1.30 metre longer loading platform can carry an additional six to eight pallets. The extended trailer is available as a box trailer with refrigeration or respectively for dry freight as well as Cargo and Mega.

Cool – PurFerro refrigerated semi-trailer : The premium refrigerated box is extremely flexible, resilient and optimally insulated. Benefit from the improved cooled air circulation, fortified insulation and how easy it is to repair. Due to its low tare weight, you gain a high payload with optimal volume.

Cargo Coil Rail : The Kögel Cargo Coil Rail comes with a highly stable, lightweight steel frame with a shaped coil trough and a 120 mm high frame neck. The gripper edges integrated into the frame, a gripper jaw tarpaulin protection made from aramid fabric and special axles in a rail design allow loading the Cargo Coil Rail onto rails. This design makes the trailer ideal for flexible loading on the most prevalent rail pocket wagons.

Mega semi-trailer : The Kögel Mega is a trailer for tractor units with a low fifth wheel height. It is perfectly suited for forwarding companies with classic transport tasks in the automotive industry. With its clear internal height of three metres, combined with a high floor bearing capacity, the Mega trailer makes volume transports possible. Well designed constructions make it easy to load and secure the goods, saving time.

Tipper Trailer : Construction companies can provide expert assistance in transporting bulk solids by using the Kögel tipper trailer. The stable tipper trailer made of reinforced steel is renowned for low maintenance costs, great handling and practical control elements. With its low tare weight, the tipper can carry a maximum payload of all types of bulk solids.

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