Isuzu trucks already since 100 years

Considering the produced number and supply, Isuzu is the number one truck manufacturer. Delta-Truck has started the distribution of Isuzu trucks and became an official service as well in Hungary since 2015.

Zsombor Páll business branch director and Róbert Takács Isuzu truck responsible

Isuzu truck supply

Currently we can offer 3,5 t – 14 t vehicles, these trucks enjoy great popularity among customers. The amount of sold products had been doubled from 2015 to 2016 what means about 100 units. The success of the brand is because it is totally a japanese product with a light but very solid chassis, designed for long lifetime, economic engine and an ergonomic cab ( can be tipped over with one move ). The service periods are according to reality, the powertrain can run up to 1-1,5 million kilometres. The customer reports are very favourable about the fuel consumption after 80.000-100.000 mileage.

The Isuzu trucks can cope with urban circumstances as well

The chassis formation (axle-base, overhang) is very favourable for urban distribution, compared to the lenght of the vehicle the hold is big and these are combined with easy maneuverability. You can get in and get out of the cab with one step and the doors can be opened in 90 angles. The control panel is driver-friendly as well. Lots of customers are interested in the automatized gearbox (NEES II). The Isuzu is popular mainly for companies who deliver their own products due to the low operational costs.

Isuzu trucks and Róbert Takács Isuzu truck responsible

Due to the EKÁER-modifications customers has started the renewal of their fleet. The most common types are in stock continuously but in case of special needs the vehicles can be ordered with tipper or with crane behind the cab as well.

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